Comic 41 - Nice Diggs, Yo

27th Feb 2013 in Chapter Two: Time Tunneling
Nice Diggs, Yo
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Author Notes:

RoboBoy4Prez 27th Feb 2013 edit delete
Poor Mark, dude's getting overshadowed by all the scientific malarky! Wasn't he our main character at one point?
Jams 1st Mar 2013 edit delete
This is a natural conclusion to making it up as we go, and still trying to maintain an overarching narrative.

And, we all know the real star of the piece is Mr. Snuggleupagus.

Besides, if we left if up to Freon, there'd eventually be anthropomorphic hot dogs and aliens with no mouths who communicate through telepathic rape.
Jams 1st Mar 2013 edit delete
On the other hand, I do feel like I really started getting a handle on how to draw Janice with this page.