Comic 40 - Snappy One-Liner!

25th Feb 2013 in Chapter Two: Time Tunneling
Snappy One-Liner!
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RoboBoy4Prez 22nd Feb 2013 edit delete
So we've been pluggin' away at this for a bit of time now, what do you, the viewers at home, think? Would love to hear your feedback. Drop us a line, right here! Or...don't.


jaekin 25th Feb 2013 edit delete reply
I like it so far, makes me laugh and I see a plot developing. I'm also excited about arm cannons.
Jams 26th Feb 2013 edit delete reply
Stick around, we got an arm cannon surplus up in here...not to give away anything...
B 26th Feb 2013 edit delete reply
Alot of twists and turns and fun characters. Very cool. So who does which pages?
RoboBoy4Prez 27th Feb 2013 edit delete reply
The order goes:
Freon, then Jams, then Roboboy4Prez...chapter pages are subject to randomness
Jams 1st Mar 2013 edit delete reply
Once you know the order, telling the styles apart is pretty easy, too.