Comic 24 - 20: Sh!t just got REAL!

16th Aug 2011 in Chapter One: Time Travel
20: Sh!t just got REAL!
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RoboBoy4Prez 16th Aug 2011 edit delete
Wha wha wha wha WHAT?! What is going on?! Who knows? Well, we know, but you don't! That's why its fun to read! The only way to know is to keep reading, and keep watching for updates, because they do happen, and the will happen, and until someone f@cks it up for everyone, it will continue to happen.

Well, I have to go and put a nudity warning for the comic...'cause there's totally dick in this one. That's right. Mark is STACKED!


Oh well, it's not like that nipple was functional anyway.
machinehead 16th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
Nobody want's to die naked in the street.
LOTHAR 20th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
rite in front of the bakery , how embarassing