Comic 23 - 19: The Ride Home

12th Aug 2011 in Chapter One: Time Travel
19: The Ride Home
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Author Notes:

RoboBoy4Prez 12th Aug 2011 edit delete
Freon: "Its done. Mark begins to slip... "

We are finally at the story point where things are about to get interesting, and not boring anymore. In the words of M. Night Shamalamading-dong, "What a twist!"


LOTHAR 12th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
"Priddyface " hahah a
machinehead 12th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
I doubt that's the ending to a great day he was expecting.
steve5555 14th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
so how did you work out who does what in each segment?
RoboBoy4Prez 14th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
We actually do whatever we want on each page, everyone else has to deal with it. The basic premise of the story was agreed upon, and certain plot points, but what happens in each page is the artists own thing.

That's how things like fat pugs and crazy eds get in the mix. We throw each other randomness and see how we deal with it!