Comic 11 - 7 : Suit up

15th Jul 2011 in Chapter One: Time Travel
7 : Suit up
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RoboBoy4Prez 15th Jul 2011 edit delete
As you can see, each authors pages kind of challenge the next to up the ante. Color and fat giggling-inducing pugs are becoming a mainstay. What will happen next? Am I tired of writing questions in the comments? YOU DECIDE!!

...wait, no you don't. We do. We rule.
Freon 16th Jul 2011 edit delete
Pug Suit!


What artist does each page? OR is that part of the idea to keep it a secret. I shall crack this case yet, Watson.
steve5555 14th Aug 2011 edit delete reply
Intesresting approach, so do you agree and write the story up front?