by Jams

You guys are full of so much expletive. Lucky for us, you make good comics.


Also, goodwindonefor is truly that. I morphed into a kaiju during the hiatus, so I'm sorry if my comics crush your city.

It's just my nature.


The Revival
by Freon

Hello All,

We have been diligently working on new comic pages. We're begining to have a bit of a backstock which is good because it means we will start posting pages very soon. It also means that we will be able to reliably post a new page each week. So, stay tuned for more Condensed Vibration Awesomeness!


Another stupid pointless update
by RoboBoy4Prez

Whenever Freon has to remind himself of something, he checks in with YourElf.  That's right, unbeknownst to you, Freon has been sneaking into your feiry circle and conversing with YOURELF.  Also, whatever i spell becomes law.  Look it up, in the book that I wrote.


Just so ya'll don't think that we've quit, we haven't.  Unlike Freon and Goodwindonefor, I'm not a bum, and have a job that takes up 1010% of my time.  It is my turn for a page, and if penalties were imposed, I would have to write and draw the next 85 chapters.  But fear not, in one week's time I will be free of this job BS and be back on the homeless track of a comic artist.  You will have your page, and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

To my collegues, I hope your ready...'cause Imma 'bout to drop this shiz.  (That's white street for "I'm inking, and my new computer with CS5 on it is TITS! (TITS is slang for fairly addiquit)")



Do Good, Oh Well
by Freon

Hey Notice How RoboPrez Spelled Liar, Lier. Let's change this, all of us. Liar is now Lier. Ok, Good. So, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE NEW PAGES! I know your asking yourelf this, but hark they will come! From our minds to our fingers to the paper to the web. BAM! Be Patient Children, the proof is in the pudding.

FREON of Awesome Town Number One All the Way

We're not dead!
by RoboBoy4Prez

So if you have been a frequent follower of our little endevour, you may have noticed that the past two/three weeks have been dead, with no explination.  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  None of which you will be privey to.  All I can say is that two of use have moved quite a large distance from the third, and all of us have some crazy time stuff happening.  (Jobs, School, being Drunk)  So as a Labor Day present, I give you the rest of the comics up to the end of Chapter One: Time Travel!!  Chapter Two is in the works, but for the immediate future, we'll be posting some splash pages and other random artwork (related to the story) inconsistantly until we get our barrings back.  If you have been checking in, thanks!  We're glad you've stuck with us over the past month or so, and hope to get things up and running soon.

Just be advised that I am a known Lier, and everything that I just posted could infact be a horrible lie.  All except the three comic pages.  Those are REAL!!!