by Freon
3rd Sep 2013

We're currently oh hiatus from the comic. Us three artists were at one time living in a central location, but life has thrust us to different parts of the country. If all goes well, in six months or so we will be back with more of that Condensed Vibration freshness.

by RoboBoy4Prez
10th Mar 2013

We're coming to the end of Chapter 2!  Thanks to everyone who's been stickin' around!  There may be some changes coming soon, stay tuned!

Condensed Vibrations Film
by Freon
27th Feb 2013
Check it out! I made the first chapter of Condensed Vibrations into a film last summer. just YouTube condensed vibrations!
Death of Holy
by Jams
26th Feb 2013

Check it out, for all of those who thought that only big budget movies were centered around ruining the things you love, it turns out, indie cinema is just as prone to bastardizing the one thing you hold sacred. For a low, LOW fee, you can see cheap adaptations of your favorite webcomics. See how the corpses-turned-actors dribble their lines with delicacy.


Taste the failed potential in each scenery chweing monologue!

Marvel at the cg pug that will melt your heart with so much binary!


Condensed Vibrations Movie
by Freon
25th Feb 2013

Last summer I made the first chapter of Condensed Vibrations into a film. Check it out!

Hi-Hat? More like old hat
by Jams
17th Feb 2013

Didn't anyone tell Freon that the Bugs Bunny joke has BEEN DONE TO DEATH?

I suppose we only have ourselves to blame.

Ok, Freon, time for some new material. Fritz Freling just spun in his grave, so get a new stchick.


-The Muhfucking Mngt

by Jams
15th Feb 2013

You guys are full of so much expletive. Lucky for us, you make good comics.


Also, goodwindonefor is truly that. I morphed into a kaiju during the hiatus, so I'm sorry if my comics crush your city.

It's just my nature.


The Revival
by Freon
21st Dec 2012

Hello All,

We have been diligently working on new comic pages. We're begining to have a bit of a backstock which is good because it means we will start posting pages very soon. It also means that we will be able to reliably post a new page each week. So, stay tuned for more Condensed Vibration Awesomeness!


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